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iKüte knows all about heating and implements innovative solutions to create high-quality and durable heating systems, helping you to reduce costs.

We offer a full range of services in the field of heating:

Construction and renovation of heating systems. iKüte professionals will develop and implement the project of an advanced and efficient heating system or fix your current one.

Balancing. In outdated heating systems, built over 15 years ago, the heat is distributed unevenly. This is due to the remoteness of some radiators from the main source - the heating unit. Balancing involves bringing the system into full balance when each radiator has the same margin of fluid and therefore has a well-balanced heat potential .

Flushing and pressure testing. Water quality can be very different. Water with a certain degree of impurities and minerals can form a coating on the inside of pipes and radiators. It is difficult to dispose of, and such coating reduces power heating systems, although the costs are the same. Flushing can remove the coating and improve efficiency. Pressure testing means testing heating systems for efficiency and overall condition. This helps avoid unforeseen situations in the future.

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