The evolution of heating systems: comfort and economy

Home heating is one of the most crucial questions in the Nordic countries. Long cold periods substantially affect family budget - we all want to live in warmth and comfort, but the ever-growing cost of heating and outdated heating systems demand a significant amount of money. iKüte can solve this problem.

Live in warmth spending less!
Fire and heat accompany us since the birth of our civilization. Evolution of man brought changes to the ways we heat our home. Heating systems that are nowadays used in most homes are outdated. They are the previous link in the chain of evolution. iKüte offers you to take the next step in this evolution with innovative solutions in renovation and update of heating systems. This way you can reduce your consumption of heat, saving quite a large sum.

To find out more about our offer, please click on Services. In addition to renovation of heating systems and individual heat metering systems, we offer a number of other services at best prices: installation and renovation of water supply and sewage systems, installation and maintenance of heating units, thermal automation, engineering, energy audits, and more.

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