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This service by iKüte is the most popular among our customers.

And no wonder - the use of innovative approach in heat accounting makes it possible to plan energy expenses more carefully, which means significant economy. 

How does it work? On every radiator we install a control valve with thermostatic head and heat consumption meter. At the end of each billing month the control center of our company receives data from each meter that reflects actual heat consumption. Issues with apartments and rooms where it's colder due to objective reasons can be solved by introducing additional factors.

Our is suitable for apartment associations (more accuracy and precision) and for individual users as each person or family decide how much heat they will consume and how big the bill will be. It is important to note that these systems are extremely reliable and protected against unauthorized use. Any attempt to influence the meter reading will result with an alarm at the control center.

Heat consumption meters are compatible with many types of radiators:
• sectional
• tubular
• panel radiators with horizontal or vertical water flow
• channel
• convectors

The advantage of this system is the fact that it encourages people to think about their heat consumption and pay attention to unreasonable use (open windows for a long time, poor-quality windows, too high temperature in the apartment, etc.). They can correct their habits and decide on the size of the monthly bill.

Please note that the installation of such a system in one apartment requires installation in the whole building. Connecting to the system requires certain technical conditions, and the decision to switch to it should be made by the management of the apartment association .

iKüte will analyze the possibilities of the system installment in your home and offer you the most appropriate version of the system of individual heat metering. Our professional staff will perform the works as quickly, clean and neat as possible.

If you have questions and you want to get more information about this offer, call or email us.


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